How Cell Phone Repair Practices help the Environment

Solar Mobile Phone Chargers on grass in natureElectronic items like cell phones are made of plastic materials and this lessens the cost of device considerably. This is why more and more people choose to buy new phones once the old one gets damaged rather than fix the problem. This business practice is not only wasteful in terms of the precious natural resources of our world but even our human industrial capacity. It is actually possible to repair cell phones in an economical manner.

Complexities of Cell Phone Repair

Electronic gadgets that were developed earlier could easily be repaired when they suffered a breakdown. Mainly the problem lay with a specific part of the gadget and it was possible to replace it at once. The owner might have been able to solve the problem without any assistance from the repairman if the proper replacement part was available. However, with the passage of time, mass production, sophistication and the corporate philosophy of built-in obsolescence have led to a drop in the serviceability factor for electronic devices. Nowadays, all you can do to try and cure a cell phone problem is buy and install a new battery in your device.

Possible Solutions

Cell phone brands are now coming up with new models that can be serviced by professionals at cell phone repair service centers and iPhones can be serviced at iPhone repair tysons corner, and you can save money when you avail these services rather than buy an entirely new phone. It is not a practical move to dispose of an expensive smartphone simply because it has been affected by a little water damage. A single part of the device can now be easily replaced and repaired. The display screen might be replace if you accidentally develop a crack.

Fixing a Water-damaged Cell Phone

crack mobile lean against at the water tank

It is not uncommon to drop your cell phone in the water accidentally but if it is left lying there for too long, the damage may be too extensive to get rid of. However, if you are able to rescue the electronic device almost immediately there is a chance that you might be able to easily fix your gadget without having to go to an expert store and spend a whole lot of money. The basic step that everyone with a water damaged phone must follow is to avoid damaging the circuit board of the mobile device as it happens to be the heart and soul of your phone. If the circuit board gets damaged, the device can no longer be fixed and you will need to buy a new phone. This is due to the fact that in case of mobiles, you tend to lose warranty if you have a water damaged gadget and the service centers do not offer a new mother board in these instances. Moreover, circuit boards of mobile phones are not easily found in the open market.

Important Steps

The first thing you need to do as soon as you recover your phone from the water is remove the battery. This prevents the circuit board of the device from sustaining any lasting damage since water happens to be a good conductor of electricity. It spreads on the board and disrupts the tiny components with the aid of voltage emitting from the cell phone battery. You do not need to switch your phone off as it will do you no good if the battery is not removed. The next step involves dismantling your headset. You must open up your cell phone with a screw driver and simply separate all the parts. You have to remain wary and observe carefully how you open the device since you will have to assemble the gadget once again as soon as the process is over.  The final step involves drying all the parts as well as the circuit board. You have to dry the green circuit board along with all the other components very thoroughly with a hair dryer in the sunlight so that you are effectively able to remove any traces of moisture from the surface. You may choose to clean it with the help of spirit or alcohol using a brush. This is going to prevent the further corrosion of the surface of the circuit board in the future.

In case you failed to remove the battery right away, you might still be able to salvage your phone by using the other methods. If this fails, you have no option but to head to the nearest cell phone repair services.

Best Professional Mobile Repair Tools

Man Repairing CellphoneMobile phones have become one of the most essential items in our lives and we have become used to taking these small electronic devices everywhere we go. Mobile phones have evolved over the course of time and they are no longer simply used for the purpose of making important phone calls but we also use them to send text messages, play games, surf the Internet etc. However, it is true that cell phones, despite the large number of features, are not very durable and they can be sensitive and prone to damage. You might end up with a broken phone if you do not take proper care of your smartphone. They can easily get spoilt if you accidentally drop them into the water or even on a hard surface.

Always Opt for Professional Repair Services

The cost of mobile phone services to repair cell phones that have been broken can be rather high but they are a lot less compared to buying a new cell phone. Thus, availing professional repair services is the best option you have if you have broken your cell phone and are currently on an existing cell phone plan from a network service provider. The advancement of technology has made it extremely easy to fix our old phones and get them looking like new. Lots of unique tools are available in the part and these parts and accessories can improve your old phone. It is recommended that you send your phone to professional repair shops rather than try and fix the problem yourself since they have enough experience dealing with broken phones and you might accidentally cause further damage to your cell phone while trying to repair your device.

Understand Your Repair Requirements

You should remain aware of the different kinds of repair tools available easily in the market for your cell phone. The tools for cell phones can be grouped into five separate categories viz. case tools, anti-static tools, data recovery tools, drying tools and cleaning tools. It is necessary to understand the functions of each kind of tools so that you are not cheated out of your hard-earned money by the repair services. While cleaning tools help you clean up the dust that has gathered within your cell phone, drying tools permit you to get rid of moisture and water that has seeped into your cell phone when you accidentally drop it into the water. Broken casings are easily remedied through case tools and if they cannot be fixed, you can always opt for a replacement. This is still cheaper than buying a new phone. Data recovery tools help you to get back all the necessary important like numbers and important text messages which were stored within your SIM card. Every component present within the body of a mobile happens to be rather sensitive in nature and so must be dealt with carefully. These parts can be cleaned using anti-static kits.